Families Against Bullying
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October Families Against Bullying Events
by Christine Jackson on 09/01/10

October is going to be a very busy month for us!  Please consider joining for one or all of these events which will raise awareness of what/how folks can prevent bullying and deal with it when it does happen!

10/3/10 Apprecilove Tribute Day, The Colony TX specific location TBA Hosted by Debbie & Jason Lance in conjunction with SISFI.org

This event will be both a memorial and educational event. As we gather together on this very special day, to pay honor
and tribute to the victims and people who have been and are affected by the impacts and effects of abuse and bullying
in our world, we ask that you take a moment to reflect on these things in our own lives.  Non profits, counselors and
other community partners will be in attendance ready to help and visit with those who want it!

10/9/10 The Bully Suicide Project Rally and Walk-A-Thon, Dallas TX

Details TBA, for more info now, or to register, email Beaux @ bwellborn@campusharmonyinc.com

10/23/10 Out of the Darkness Walk, Plano TX Hosted by American Foundation for Suicide Prevention: Oak Point Park, Plano TX

Please come walk with Team Montana. Walk starts @ 11 am, check-in starts @ 8:30 am.  If you are unable to attend,
please consider donating by visiting the Team Montana page @

24-Hour Bully Stake-Out
By Kelly Karius & Ron Graham

When: 11/9/10
Where: on the world wide web

We’re pleased to be involved with the first-ever 24-Hour Bully Stake-Out! It’s a sort of vigil combined with an information festival, with its goal being nothing less than the end of bullying (like this Web site!), and will be held mostly on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube on Tuesday, November 9, 2010.

Facebook url: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/ron.graham?v=wall&story_fbid=115207201866729&ref=notif&notif_t=share_reply

On that date, thousands of people will share resource information for bullying victims, their friends, parents, educators, and anyone else interested. We’ll also share our experiences with bullying situations, and we are inviting artists of all kinds to share their gifts with the cause. Authors will unveil original short works related to bullying; musicians will point us to their encouraging songs, and so on!

The event was organized three days ago, and in that time we’ve added the following participants:

   * DJ Fatha Ramzee (shown above) will prepare an original mix-CD for sale!

Short writings are being prepared by

   * Christian fiction writer Dimple Suit
   * Children’s author T. S. Bradshaw, based on her characters, the Goodees
   * Humorist Kellie Ketcham
   * Fantasy writer and poet Nobius Black
   * TV news reporter and children’s author Debra Steele

A painting has been donated by Lulu Kelly as a prize! Not sure how we’ll do that for an online celebration, but there’ll be a way. And all this has happened in three days!

Vital Statistics

   * held Tuesday, November 9, 2010, midnight, to Wednesday, November 10, midnight
   * held principally on Facebook, Twitter (with hashtags TBD), and probably YouTube, but any and all social media tools are welcome

How to Join In

   * you may work with us directly, or with anyone else who works with us – it’s the Internet so you should expect some chaos!
   * if you do join in, we recommend you throw in your talents where you can: sing, play, write, draw, pray, organize, interview, encourage – let us know what you can do!
   * and we recommend you let us know on the blog or Facebook page, so that others who wish to work with YOU can find you!


   * to let bullying victims know thousands of people are on their side
   * to give caring people as many ways as possible to reach out to bullying victims
   * to give caring people as many sources of information as they could ever need
   * to pull everyone we can away from sadness and quiet desperation
   * to give as many people as possible a chance to be a hero to someone


   * “special guests” offering original creative works throughout the BSO to share and sell
   * “sponsors,” keepers of information for victims, parents, teachers, managers, counselors, etc. to share and sell
   * testimonies, from victims willing to speak up either by name or anonymously
   * blogs, including the Bully Outreach Project, acting as the “official blog” for the event – even though everything posted there will be OK for anyone to copy
   * Facebook pages, including the the Bully Stake-Out Fan Page, acting as a sort of Grand Central Station for info to share online
   * to do all this through the power of social media

DO join us, won’t you?

Stand for the Silent - Candle Light Vigil: Fort Worth, TX / Oklahoma City Oklahoma

When: Tuesday  August 24, 2010 @ 7:00 p.m.

Where: Dallas / Fort Worth Folks -

R. C. Loflin Middle School (Old Campus)
520 Stadium Dr
Joshua, TX 76058   

Please see blog on Home Page for map link

OKC Folks, please see link below!

What: A candlelight vigil for the kiddos our country has lost to suicide after enduring relentless harassment and assault.

Please set this evening aside and come to share the love and prayers for survivors and support the local families who are tirelessly working toward effective implementation of Safe Texas Schools.

In Loving Memory of our local kids: Montana Lance, Jon Carmichael, Hunter Layland, Ty Field-Smalley and so many more. God bless you all, you did not leave us in vain. We are missing you more than we can express and will never give up on improving things for the children who are enduring this still.

Hosted by DFW's Families Against Bullies in conjunction with OKC's Stand for the Silent


Saturday  April 24, 2010

Jon Carmichael is the young man who committed suicide in Joshua last month.  One major contributing factor was excessive bullying and torment @ school – and the negative response he received when he sought help from school staff and administration.

Jon’s family, along with my own family and several others, is petitioning the State of Texas to amend legislature that currently allows and tolerates school staff and administration to be bystanders (as opposed to responsible professionals who actually care for and protect our children). 

Tomorrow, Saturday May 24th,  from (9:00 am to 2:00 pm) Jon’s family will be hosting a petition drive (their goal is 1 million signatures) @ the Punkin Patch in Joshua (see map and address below).  Will you please consider taking a little bit of your time to support progress?  Will you also spread the word to anyone you know will be willing to rally support for both legislation and a grieving family.

Our local situation, with a lot of effort, is gaining national and state-wide attention thanks to diligent networking and prayer from wonderful people like you.