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"During the last session of the Legislature, more than ten bills were filed to reduce school bullying.  Unfortunately, none of them received sufficient support for debate by the full Senate, so I did not have the opportunity to vote on them.  This is clearly a growing problem in our state and region.  Recent news articles concern me greatly, and I appreciate your advocacy on behalf of our students.  As we prepare for the next session, which convenes in January 2011, I will closely review related state law with your comments in mind. " Senator Jane Nelson
April 26, 2010


11/14/2010 Below are some documents surrounding the incident of assault of my son @ Haltom Middle School (Haltom City, Texas - Birdville Independent School District). 

This incident covers the last part of his story of 7th grade year.  The child who did this to him had, on numerous occasions, assaulted and harassed my son throughout the school year. 

All incidents were reported by either by my son or myself.  All incidents were ignored.  When this incident was ignored, I (on my son's behalf) decided staff and administration needed to stop ignoring these issues. 

We started by going to the press and the internet, today the school district is under investigation by the U.S. Department of Education and under review of the Texas Education Commissioner.  I share these documents in hopes they may help one of you. 

There are a lot of legal references, if they benefit you- please take them and use them as your own.  Please contact me, via the 'Contact Us' page if I can clarify anything or help in another way. This is not a complete list of correspondence, more will follow.

Christine Jackson

Birdville Independent School District Grievance Form This is a printable form for the purpose of filing grievance when you have exhausted all efforts, for relief of any problem, at your child's school.  Complete the form and submit it (in person) to Student Services: Birdville Independent School District
6125 East Belknap
Haltom City, TX 76117.  Grievance proceedings will follow. [.pdf file]

Sample Level I Grievance Appeal Letter This is an example of an appeal letter used in the Birdville Independent School District grievance proceedings. [web page]

Sample Level II Grievance Appeal Letter This is an example of an appeal letter used in the Birdville Independent School District grievance proceedings. [web page]

US Department of Education - OCR:
Announcement of Investigation of Birdville Independent School District/ Haltom Middle School Assault [.pdf file]

Sample Request for Appeal to Texas Education Agency Commissioner of Birdville Independent School District Board of Trustees decision of Grievance Sample, request must have similar format to this for Office of Appeals to consider. [web page]

Request for Texas State Board of Education Review of Educator's Certification Sample, request must have similar format to this for SBEC to consider. [web page]

Texas Education Agency:
Correspondence surrounding the proceedings held by the Texas Commissioner of Education Re: Birdville Indpendent School District / Haltom Middle School Assault[.pdf file]

Haltom City Police Department: Re: Birdville Indpendent School District / Haltom Middle School Assault[.pdf file]

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Very Concerned Parent

by Christine Jackson on 10/22/11

Please comment if you have any advise to share with this mom & her daughter.


From: *****
Sent: Saturday, October 22, 2011 8:51 AM
Subject: Very concerned parent

Hi I have a problem with the school my daughter is attending and the way
they are addressing the situation there. My daughter is a sophomore at the
Miles ISD, she has came out n said she is interested in girls. Well there is
another girl attending the same school and she is dating my daughter . The
problem is the girls mother and brother(who is attending the same school)
does not accept the sexuality of her daughter. We have had encounters with
the mother and the brother at my home and at school as well. Bad thing is my
daughter is blamed and is made to adjust her ways of being at school because
the brother has an anger problem that is hard to control. There has been
incidents reported to the sheriffs office,principal,teachers and
superintendent also and as always my daughter is the one asked to change her
seating arrangement or what bathroom to go to just to please the brothers
likings... There is a lot more to this and I need help ! I'm afraid that
because of everything that they put my daughter through ,she might end up
being another case that could've been prevented . The reason I see the
school does more for the girls family requests and not the safety of my
daughter is because they're well known athletes !! Please I'm begging for
someone to listen or help against this principal and school district! Thank
u !
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Hi, I am sorry to hear of your daughter's problems. This surely is unjust

Please know this is no kind of professional advise, just coming from one
mother to another... All I can do is provide outlets of formal complaints
to correct the behavior of the school administrators in future cases and
make suggestions as to what I would to for my child.

Firstly, I would remove my child from the situation. Especially if you are
afraid for her emotional well being.

Secondly, your daughter's CIVIL RIGHTS are being violated. This is a
federal offense. She is being discriminated against on the basis of sex.
These are very serious violations, I (and many other parents) have had
success filing complaints with the Office of Civil Rights (US Department of
Education) and with the Texas Office of Civil Rights. These complaints
require little effort on your part and will ultimately result in federal
and/or state investigation of your daughter's school.
Before filing complaints, it is highly recommended that you exhaust all
lower efforts for resolution-- meaning filing a formal complaint with the
school district and following all procedures set forth by the school
district. (this is sometimes the more difficult part).

US Dept of Civil Rights (website where one can file a complaint):

Texas Office of Civil Rights (website where one can file a complaint):

Miles ISD Superintendent (whom you should contact to launch a formal
complaint): Superintendent - Robert Gibson email:

*** When filing formal complaints (even at the level of the school district)
it is essential to be as thorough and detail oriented as possible... leave
no circumstance unstated!

*** Also, please know when you decide to proceed with this- you are
initializing precedence for future children who may experience what your
daughter is going through... I cannot express enough how important your
decision may be for both your daughter and other kiddos.

Please let me know if this helps?

In love,

Christine Jackson

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